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Legi-Air 2050

Legi-Air 2050

What would be the result of joining a pneumatic Festo applicator and one of the best thermal-transfer label printers together? The result is the LA2050 print-and-apply system. This system, despite being a very economical and compact system, is extremely reliable and precise and includes a sensor on the tamp pad to apply labels without contact with products that have variable heights. It supports several types of applicators for different application methods.

Apply Labels at High Speeds

High Speeds

With the Legi-Air 2050 you can print the batch number and expiration date on your pre-printed label or print the whole label when you really need it, moments before its application onto the product. The system can achieve high application rates.

Excellent Precision

Apply your labels in the right spot with millimeter precision. No more misplaced, crooked or wrinkled labels.

"Just-in-Time" Printing

The problem of keeping stocks of labels with variable information that eventually gets obsolete is a thing of the past. Printing the labels when you really need them saves time, money and prevents headaches.

With a Sato CL4NX Plus Printer

Sato CL4NX Plus

This system makes use of the popular printer from Sato®, the CL4NX to print quality labels. An applicator arm is added to the printer and it can do a precise label application on products that travel on a conveyor.

Use All the Features of the System

Legitronic Software

You can use any compatible software with the print engine that you have picked, but it is with Legitronic® that you can take full advantage of your printer. You can create simple or complex labels, with GS1 barcodes and RFID data and start the print jobs. Learn more about the things that you can do with the software in Legitronic.

Different Applications

The standard model uses a linear stroke applicator arm to apply labels on the top of the products, but there is an optional 90º swing arm.

Easy to Use

This system is very easy to set-up. You just need to calibrate the printer to the label size being used, just like it is done for any other desktop label printer. Then, simply submit a print job and the applicator automatically synchronizes with the printer, catching the label and applying it onto the product that was detected by a sensor.

High Quality Sturdy System

These labelers are very robust and reliable, with a lifespan that goes over 10 years. Built exclusively with quality materials, you will not find a single speck of rust and, besides the occasional cleaning of possible label adhesive build-up, they do not require neither lubrication or maintenance.

Safe and Certified Systems

These systems have CE certification and follow all European safety norms and do not require additional protections or safeguards, given the fact that they do not exert forces over 50N and cannot cause injuries.



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