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Payments and Shipments

Payment Methods

We have multiple payment methods for your convenience:

By Bank Transfer

In our invoice you can find the IBAN numbers for our accounts. You can transfer the required amount to any of the accounts until the due date indicated in the invoice.

By Check (Not Recommended)

You can write us a check. For orders that require pre-payment or prompt-payment, the order may be held until the check is collected.

In Cash

You can pay in cash when you come collect your order.

Payment Conditions

The payment terms are agreed before your order is processed and are present in our invoices:


For certain situations, you may require a payment before your order can be processed. Generally, it is 50% of the total cost, but it can vary. This is usual for first time orders, for label productions that have custom prints or unusual dimensions or materials, systems with certain options or for high value purchase orders. In most of these cases, you will benefit of the prompt-payment discount.

Prompt-Payment with 2% discount

This is out most normal condition for first time customers. Please, understand that the 2% discount cannot be applied to some articles and/or services.

Up to 30 days after the Invoice Date

For usual customers, and if the transacted volumes in question meet the requirements, we may concede credit up to 30 days, without the 2% discount. Failure in the payments within the deadlines may make this option unavailable in future orders.

Scheduled Shipments and Payments

For big consumption volumes of labels, you may opt to make a single big order for the yearly quantity you need and request for multiple deliveries. Like this, everybody wins. We can better organize our work flow and better control our label stocks. The customer benefits of better large quantity prices, less emissions of purchases orders and will not have problems in storing large quantities of goods. Our invoices will be related to each individual delivery, so you also benefit of interest-free payment installments.

Shipping Methods

We can delivery your goods to any point of Portugal, including the islands. We can also ship to foreigner countries inside the European Union. We offer several shipping options for your convenience:

We Send it to You - Ex Works

To reduce your costs in transportation, we ship the goods using our usual carrier or, if the quantities and traveling distance is profitable for us, we use our own vehicles for the deliveries. The shipment costs must be calculated case by case, as they depend a lot on the volumes, weights and traveling distances.

Pick-up at our warehouse

You can choose to come pick-up your order at our facilities. In this case, we do not charge any expedition cost or tax. You can collect your goods using your own vehicle or request your usual carrier to do so for you. For first time deliveries or different than usual orders, please make sure that the vehicle can handle the delivery, size and weight wise. The weights and sizes of the boxes or pallets should be specified when we notify you that your order is ready for picking. Your carrier must bring any documents or manifests required for the transportation. Please, inform us about the date and time in which you plan to do the pick-up so that we can generate the necessary documentation beforehand in order to reduce the waiting times during the pick-up to a minimum. Also, check our schedules for pick-ups and our address in our Contacts page.

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