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Print Engines

Printers that are ready to be integrated into any of our print-and-apply systems. Our applicators allow you to choose any model from your favorite brand, be it Zebra®, Sato® or another maker. Only a few screws need to be fastened, connect the cables in the back, select the communication mode and it is done.

Thermal-Transfer Printer Modules

How it Works

The printheads have a filament that has a row of thermal elements (dots) that heat up and cool down very quickly. When they are hot, the ink present on the print ribbon melts and is transferred to the labels (thermal-transfer) or, in case of thermal-sensitive paper, the high temperatures directly stimulates the thermal paper, without the need of print ribbons (direct-thermal). The resolution is the amount of these dots that are present in one inch. The synchronization with the label applicator is done automatically by simply connecting a cable into the back of the printer.

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