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Alpha HSM

Alpha HSM

A labeling system that is compact, robust and extremely fast, capable of reaching very high speeds. And if all that was not already enough, it also offers IP65 protection to be water-proof. HSM stands for High-Speed Modular.

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Apply Labels at High Speeds

Do not limit your productivity! With the Alpha HSM, you can apply labels with unbelievable widths up to 320mm on the wider model and, with the narrower model, it is possible to reach speeds of 100m/min.

Different Applications


This is the chameleon of the labeling systems. Apply labels on the lids and the top of the products or on the side of boxes or flat-sided bottles. And with special conveyors, you can also put the labeler below, on a nose-up orientation, to apply labels on the bottom of the products or even to label bottles, flasks, cans and other cylindric or conical products, by wrapping the label around them. With a single stand, you can adjust the system to apply on any position and the labeler is available in left- or right-hand versions (LH/RH).

Excellent Precision

Built with High-Quality Materials

Apply your labels in the right spot with millimeter precision. No more misplaced, crooked or wrinkled labels.

Easy to Use

Digital OLED HMI

This system is very easy to set-up. You just need to calibrate the labeler once to the label size being used. After tuning the positioning, just let it do the job. The system detects missing labels on the roll and advances automatically to the next one, so no product will pass unlabeled. You can use the OLED display to execute the calibration and adjust configurations or use the web service to modify parameters, observe statistics and watch help and tutorial videos directly from your web browser.

Few Stops


With an unwinder that allows big label rolls and a rewinder for the label liner that works in 1:1, that is, with capacity to rewind the complete roll, you will have to make few stops to do label roll replacements. The normal unwinder supports rolls with a diameter up to 300mm (approx. 450m) but you can install an optional unwinder and rewinder (U40SE and R40SE) whihc are both motor powered and allow rolls with 400mm diameters (approx. 800m).

Industrial Servo Motor

Servo Motor

The labeler is moved by a powerful servo motor that allows high-speeds and a precise feeding, eliminating wrinkles during the application.

High Quality Sturdy System with IP65

IP65 Protection

These labelers are very robust and reliable, with a lifespan that goes over 15 years. Built exclusively with quality materials, you will not find a single speck of rust and, besides the occasional cleaning of possible label adhesive build-up, they do not require neither lubrication or maintenance. Furthermore, it offers IP65 protection, so it can work without problems in humid or dusty environments.

Label Counter

In the OLED display, you will have a label counter so that you know how many application cycles were performed. The counter has a capacity for 10 000 applications and then starts over automatically. You can reset the counter at any moment or you can use a countdown feature by setting the counter to a value greater than zero. In that case, the labeler will automatically stop the labeling process when the counter reaches zero.

Say Goodbye to Compressed Air

Wipe-On Method

The label applicator uses the popular Wipe-On method that besides allowing the application of labels in many positions and without stopping the production line, it also does all that without needing compressed-air. This means greater cost reductions and less maintenance.

Modular Assembly with Multiple Options

Pressure Unit

There are several peeler bars available so that the labeler can be adapted to any kind of application. You can choose to use a pressure roll for flat products or a pressure brush for irregular products. There is even a pneumatic peeler bar that moves using compressed-air and enables the application on products whose heights vary slightly. And there are lots of other options so that you can get a custom-tailored system that meets all your application requirements.

Print the Lot and Expiration Date

Alpha HSM with X1JET

You do not need a complex print-and-apply system if all you want is to add small texts like the lot and expiration date to your pre-printed labels. You can equip your Alpha with our compact inkjet system X1JET HP or X1JET LX, which only requires installing a mounting bracket and connecting a cable.

Safe and Certified Systems

These systems have CE certification and follow all European safety norms and do not require additional protections or safeguards, given the fact that they do not exert forces over 50N and cannot cause injuries.

Quiet and Energy Efficient

A system that applies labels like a machine-gun must consume a lot of power and be very loud... Or not! This system consumes as much power as a computer and without fans it is relatively quiet, keeping the noise emission below 75dB(A).

Easy Integration

The system can receive remote signals to trigger the application. The input signals work in active and passive modes, that is, the 24V can be sent by the PLC or supplied by the labeler itself. Like this, only a contact needs to be switched. As for the output signals, the labeler informs if it is in normal or in error conditions, if the label roll is near the end and can also send a synchronization signal that can be configured to be active during or after the application cycle, in the last scenario, allowing a definition of a delay and duration in which the signal will be active. There is even a module for Siemens PLCs.

Approved by System Integrators

With the Weber® policy for Global Export, the system integrator companies can export our labeling systems as part of a bigger system and the final user gets all the technical support in the destination country, performed by the local distributor of that said country, all completely transparent and without additional costs. All that a system integrator must do is mention that the system is for resale and when the destination country is known, inform us about it so that we can proceed with the transfer of responsibility of the system to the local distributor.



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