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Labeling system with manual product feeding, to apply labels by wrapping them around bottles, cans, tubes and other cylindric objects.

PDF Brochure Bottle-Matic

No Complications

These small portable units are perfect to label small batches and they do not require conveyor belts or compressed-air installations.

Excellent Precision

Apply your labels in the right spot with millimeter precision. No more misplaced, crooked or wrinkled labels.

Easy to Setup

This system is very easy to set-up by moving and aligning both the product and label roll guides. The mechanical micro-switch sensor detects the space between labels, even if they are transparent.

With Many Uses

Different Applications

You can apply labels to any cylindrical product, such as, wine and beer bottles, spray or drink cans and tins. Starting from small lipstick tubes and going all the way up to full 5-liter bottles.

Press or Step on It

Push button of the Bottle-Matic

You can use the trigger switch on the table top and press it as a button or put it on the ground and use it as a pedal.

High Quality Sturdy System

The side frames are laser cut made from quality steel and the rolls are made of 6061-T6 aluminum.

Say Goodbye to Compressed Air

Wrap-Around Method

The labeler uses the popular Wipe-On method that besides allowing the application of labels around cylindrical products, it also does all that without needing compressed-air. This means greater cost reductions and less maintenance.

Pick Your Model

There are 4 models, two 10 inches versions and two 16 inches versions, to label bottles up to 250 and 406mm of height respectively. The Bottle-Matic I models are the classic systems to apply a single label per product, while the Bottle-Matic II models execute two applications to apply the front and back labels on the same product.

Function I 10" II 10" I 16" II 16"
Labels per Product 1 2 1 2
Minimum Product Diameter [mm] 12,7 12,7 12,7 12,7
Maximum Product Diameter [mm] 254 254 254 254
Maximum Product Width [mm] 250 250 406 406
Minimum Label Width [mm] 12,7 12,7 12,7 12,7
Maximum Label Width [mm] 203 203 381 381
Minimum Label Length [mm] 12,7 12,7 12,7 12,7
Maximum Label Length [mm] 635 635 635 635
Maximum External Roll Diameter [mm] 228,6 228,6 228,6 228,6
Feed Speed [mm/s] 114 114 114 114



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