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Zebra ZT421 RFID

Zebra ZT421 RFID

This mid-range industrial label printer from Zebra®, is the most popular and sought-after model of the new generation that comes in the line of the famous Z6M and ZM600 printers. It allows prints up to 17cm with resolutions of 203dpi or 300dpi.

Renowned Brand

The Zebra® brand is world-class famous and when choosing a model from this manufacturer you will be acquiring a well-built and long-lasting high-quality printer.

"Just-in-Time" Printing

The problem of keeping stocks of labels with variable information that eventually gets obsolete is a thing of the past. Printing the labels when you really need them saves time, money and prevents headaches.

Print Bigger

Printer with a wider print width to support larger labels with widths up to 17cm. You will be able to create readable labels without having to omit any information.

Hinged Cover

Comes with an articulated metal cover so that you are able to open the printer even when you put it in narrow places.

Real Time Clock

The printer has an internal clock so that you can print the exact date and time in which each individual label of the print job is effectively printed.

Easy to Use

It is very simple to load the label roll and the print ribbon into the printer. Furthermore, you have a display where you can easily change print settings.

Maintenance Free

Built to last over 10 years, only with quality materials, you will not find a single rusty spot and, besides the occasional cleaning of adhesive accumulation, there is no need for lubrication or maintenance.


With this printer you can write customized data onto the RFID chips of your smart labels.

Explore all the Possibilities of Your Printer

Legitronic Software

We recommend that you use the Legitronic® labeling software to get the most out of your printer, allowing you to create simple or complex labels, such as the advanced GS1 type labels, with variables, counters and database connections.

ZPL Language

Zebra® is the creator of ZPL, and so, this printer will have the full support for the famous ZPL command language, the most used language in the market by several software and dedicated applications.

You can Count on Us

We are not here to simply sell you a printer, we want to provide a solution. Starting with counseling before the purchase and helping with the installation, but also supplying your custom labels and different types of print ribbons, and going all the way to replacing worn out parts (rubber roll, bearings, printheads) and other repairs, we will always assist you. We also provide a hotline for fast support related to the labeling software Legitronic®.



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